June 2009 ARNSW Homebrew Group Meeting

Once again we met at Seppo's place in Putney for a chat about all things radio homebrew.

The Group talking amongst themselves

Mark and Seppo test capacitors for leakage using a very nice HV resistance tester.

Testing capacitors for leakage

John and I sorted through several boxes of vacuum tubes care of Peter VK2EMU. I bought a pair of Neon-filled dekatron counting tubes and a hew HV rectifiers. (No, the rectifiers produce no significant x-ray emissions, but they do rectify HV quite nicely.)

Vacuum tubes

There was also some nice 1.something GHz commercial base-station gear for sale. Just the amplifier stages were worth the asking price - but I passed them up - I need another piece of junk to tinker with like a hole in the head!

Microwave gear

I had to leave early, just before 9 pm to make my connection with the Rivercat ferry. Either that or walk 3 km to the train station and wait an hour for a train back to Central, then make my way back to Manly from there at 11 pm - not fun... The Rivercat is quite a nice trip, but it arrives at Circular Quay just after the Manly ferry leaves, so there is a bit of a wait for the next one. I ended up grabbing a slice of Pizza from the Kebab place in the Corso on the way home and got in around 11:30 pm - not too bad really. Some days I remember why not having a car can suck.

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