Rope Light Christmas Star

This was a quickie I saw on YouTube. Very easy to build and a great result. Much, much cheaper than equivalent commercial "shaped" rope light decorations which seem to go for more than $100 for something essentially identical.

The rope light came from a cheap store at Warringah Mall, at $22 it was the most expensive component. It offers 2-channel multi-pattern chasing and runs straight off the mains. The frame is 5 lengths of 1.2 metre 6 mm Tasmanian Oak dowelling from Bunnings (about $1 each). The dowels were joined end-to-end using duct tape as in the video. Originally I wanted to use short lengths of flexible PVC piping, but I had assumed I had some 1/4" ID stuff in the junkbox, unfortunately it was 3 mm ID when I went to use it - DOH! Anyway, the frame was assembled and tie-wrapped into place, then sprayed matt-black with some spray can paint to extend its life. The rope light was then tie-wrapped to the frame and the excess taped up with black vinyl electrical tape.

The finished Rope Light Star just before placement on the balcony.

The end result it quite pleasing and is visible for a great distance. It is simply tie-wrapped to the balcony railing.

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2010-01-04: Rope Light Controller Failure
Arcing fault destroys the Rope Light controller.