Comments for "VHF Super-Regenerative Receiver"

5th November 2012 14:06

Indra wrote ...

Hello, how did you get a spectogram with your scope ? I read your article about 555 Super-Regenerative IF HF Spectrum Analyser, did you use this method ?


14th April 2012 22:51

Adam Eve wrote ...

Is the diode shown the zener you refer to in your text please? And can I substitute a 2n5819 for the mpf102? Or maybe a bf245? Thanks

20th January 2011 23:46

Alex Derevyanko wrote ...

I have often found 4S7NR articles to have been plagiarized. He seldom gave the original author any credit even though he did in this case.

13th June 2010 11:31

qrp-gaijin wrote ...

Hi there. I have this circuit built, from Kitchin's QST article "An ultra-simple receiver for 6 meters". It's oscillating but I haven't heard any signals, maybe because of a lack of 6m activity in my area or because my coil size is out of band.

Do you think this circuit could be used on 10m in regen mode for cw/ssb copy? What components would need to be tweaked?

How would you rate the performance of this set compared to your "euro set" regenerative FM receiver (

Finally why do you say that building this circuit on an unetched piece of PC board limits its performance? What construction technique would be better?

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