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12th September 2013 10:41

Ricardo wrote ...


That probe type is not safe if the power of the resistors is not appropriate. For 30KV the power of the resistors has to be of 4.5W and for 50KV of 12.5W. If one of the resistors breaks up can generate enegia peak that can damage the DMM. Resistor in serie with the DMM more MOV or gas spark gap are necessary in that circuit.



12th July 2008 16:05

Alan Yates wrote...


Depending on the neon voltage it will operate properly up to about 50-90 kV. I wouldn't trust the insulation above 30 kV myself.

Built better I'd use it to 50 kV. If the neon starts the glow it will be clamping the voltage and it will no longer be linear.



11th July 2008 23:59

Chabiraj wrote ...

Please tell me how much kvs d.c volts your probe can test. thank you C. Persaud.

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