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13th July 2012 00:20

bharath wrote ...

i want rf transmitter circuit diagram for wire less power transmission.please help me sir...

thank you sir...

6th January 2010 14:26

Alan Yates wrote...


FM receivers are more complicated to build. While you can use a simple super-regenerative detector with wide-band FM, the performance is pretty hit and miss. I'd suggest AM of some description, even perhaps just OOK for simplicity. In the ISM bands you can generally get away with the broadband signal that would result.

I guess FM broadcast receivers and the familar WBFM single-transistor TXs could be combined quite easily too.

The fragmentary TX and RX circuits given in the walkie talkie project are a reasonable starting point. I had them lashed up to the tone decoders and working quite well.

I still have the tone decoders on breadboards, I've been meaning to revisit this project... However I think if I did it again from scratch I'd use the Goertzel algorithm and a microcontroller as the hardware would be much simpler. Alternatively a digital packet-based system also using a microcontroller would be a better solution, as you can add error checking and make the link quite robust.



2nd January 2010 02:30

Ahmed wrote ...

Very nice work, i have lately got some LM567 too, i am thinking of making a very simple RF remote control with one chanel, can you help me please.

I will connect a 555 timer to a FM transmitter circuit and build a reciever circuit to feed the LM567 with the frequency.

What should i do and do you have any circuits for my purpouse ?



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