Comments for "Rotifers in my Rain Gauge"

19th July 2014 11:57

Bob wrote ...

Beautiful work Alan. I'm a protistologist and a big fan of your electronics work also. Your approach to your rainwater gauge is beyond superb. The protistology world needs you! I also found out today that you're Australian like me!

26th April 2011 20:56

Alan Yates wrote...

G'day Elias. Thanks very much.

20th March 2011 04:40

Elias Esquerra wrote ...


I'm from Chile and now I'm working with haematoccus and you have very good pics. Greeeting for you.. My apologize for my english.

9th January 2011 20:35

S. Anonfunetfi! wrote ...

I think the images are outstanding - I was shocked to read they were taken through the eyepiece with a everyday digi camera! They are comparable to the fixed CCD's on professional grade microscopes that I've seen.

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