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3rd August 2008 16:20

marxy wrote...

Nothing fancy inside, home built but good solid construction. Inductors are about 1.5cm diameter with thick copper wire (no silver I'm afraid).

3rd August 2008 13:56

Alan Yates wrote...


Great to hear we were all on the right track. Is it silver plated or anything internally? Pity it is only low-pass, a VHF bandpass might make a nice 1st IF filter for a HF spectrum analyser.

I've been thinking about building one around 150 MHz where it is relatively easily to build a LO that can be pulled over 30 MHz or more with reasonable linearity. Then a 2nd LO to mix that down to 10 MHz where a crystal filter would provide the resolution bandwidth, followed by an AD8307 for the log detector.

Still writing up the other adventures of last Sunday... So much to document, I may not get anything else done this weekend.



3rd August 2008 11:42

marxy wrote...

Great Photos!

The mystery box turned out to be a low pass filter, my guess is for 2m (but I haven't measured it).

Very nice construction internally with three internal chambers.

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