Comments for "Circuit Diagrams for the AM Walkie-Talkie Experiments"

3rd July 2011 20:55

Alan Yates wrote...


I'll send you the article.



30th June 2011 18:56

Van de Velde Thomas wrote ...

Best Alan Yates,

I wonderded how the original Il Pigmeo article looked. I was wondering if you could post here or email the original Italian article. I am just wondering how that base quenched system worked and how the parts were double used. It would be fun to reconstruct it with a carbon mike(wich I have) and the double pole switch. Of course try to soup up the power a little with a modern transistor ;-). Thanks in advance!

Greets from Europe and keep up the good work!


30th January 2010 21:57

Alan Yates wrote...


Yes it works, especially the receiver side. The TX side could be better, more output power would be desirable. You can see the individual modules working in the videos of the original article.

As far as using it for a school project... Well that depends on what you will be marked on.



29th January 2010 14:51

ardhra nair wrote ...

yaar,does this really work?coz im thinkin about doin this in my third year engg project.i showed my teacher a lot of projects but he turned all of them down.if possible then reply.

bye take care

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