Comments for "May 2009 Trash and Treasure"

21st October 2009 09:53

Alan Yates wrote...


Indeed, clearly I have pyrotechnics on the brain or something. Corrected!



28th September 2009 09:31

Tom Grant wrote ...

I think you mean ammonium persulfate and not perchlorate.. still got perchlorate on the mind I see!

15th June 2009 14:51

David Rowe wrote...

In my opinion desire deprivation is the root of most depression, affective or creative in nature.

A powerful observation Alan. Despite my near-idyllic geeky life style I have periods where motivation evaporates. I have learned just to plod along and ride them out. Some new opportunity that puts me under a little time pressure and/or a chance to travel seems to kick me back to the opposite - working too hard but perhaps more content overall.

My wife has observed that exercise seems to help - everything looks a little brighter when illuminated by endorphins.

- David

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