Comments for "G3XBM's XBM80-2 Trivial 80 Metre CW Transceiver"

9th February 2010 11:31

Mark VK6WV wrote ...


Looks like we had somewhat similar ideas. In my version I used a 3 stage Pi filter in the output and 100uH/0.01 as the low pass to the audio amp. What is your receiver sensitivity like. Mine was low and I am starting to suspect my crystal ear piece of having low sensitivity (it is about 20 years old). I had to add an audio amp with transformer coupling to drive a walkman style headset.

Like your website.

73's Mark VK6WV

8th February 2010 20:52

Julian G4ILO wrote...

Thanks for publishing this, Alan. I'll try a few of your mods in my version, which is still at the breadboard stage.

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