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7th February 2011 10:42

Alan Yates wrote...


That's quite a swag of ideas there for people! You should enter something yourself.

On the component curve tracer, I actually designed a 555 staircase generator for that purpose but thought the super-regen spectrum analyser was a better project to try first. The staircase generator has some other uses too - one completely obvious one is very retro/epic when combined with some window comparators and a few gates... I reasoned I could never build a debug something that ambitious in the available time, maybe next year. If someone did though, it would own the contest I suspect... If anyone wants my design sketch - ask after March. :)

Making the spider walk - yeah I had that idea too. Thermal actuator wire or solenoids/motors would do the trick. A cute idea with the family of spiders. I lack the SMD resistors to make a baby, but that's an awesome idea.



6th February 2011 20:00

Arv - K7HKL wrote...

With some tiny solenoids or piezoelectric muscles driven by a 555 or 556, you should be able to automate those spiders so they crawl or jump around.

6th February 2011 19:56

Arv - K7HKL wrote...

Maybe use the 555 & 556 DIP ICs for the daddy & mommy spiders and tiny SMT 555's & 1/10 watt resistors to make baby spiders.

6th February 2011 19:52

Arv - K7HKL wrote...

555 ideas:

1) Audio swept frequency signal source with scope sync.

2) RF swept frequency signal source with scope sync.

3) Swept or stepped DC source for component analysis.

4) PWM for DC motor speed control.

5) PWM for electroplating Current control.

6) LF source for electro-deposition or electro-engraving.

7) Tunable LO for VLF direct-conversion receiver.

8) PWM based audio amplifier.

9) Boost, buck or inversion voltage converter

10) C or L meter.

11) Insect repeller.

12) Push button de-bouncer.

13) A:D converter (pulse width equates to DC voltage input).

14) Relay driver.

15) Electric cricket or bird call.

16) Guitar Tuner (tones generator).

17) LED Current pulser.