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2nd July 2008 11:44

Alan Yates wrote...


About 20 mm. Conduit isn't precisely specified in diameter, I believe the ID is, but the OD can vary a little. The variable capacitance of the end sections should be able to tune out any minor variations in inductance related to a mm or so of imprecision in the former diameter.

If I was building an Ozi-pole from scratch I'd use higher-Q inductors wound with much thicker magnet wire with a larger diameter and minimal support structures. Thicker wire would be a good idea for the antenna elements too. Of course that would make the antenna heavier and more bulky, I think the original builder was trying to make it at light and portable as possible, rather than highly efficient.



1st July 2008 23:04

DG6DAF wrote ...

Hello Dear Alan !

Can you tell me the diameter(mm)of the Ozipole-


Thank You for your help.

Best 73


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