20th May 2010

Estimating The Size Of The ISS And STS

My quick go at estimating the size of the International Space Station and Space Shuttle Orbiter from the wonderful Thierry Legault solar transit photograph.

8th December 2009

LOL Can Christmas Tree

Some technical Yahoos assemble an office Christmas tree from over 430 soft drink cans.

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25th October 2008

Basket-Weave Coil Jig

A simple timber jig for winding 100 mm basket weave coils for MF work and investigations into coil Q and the Proximity Effect.


4th July 2008

Measuring Your Hair Diameter

How to quickly measure the diameter of human hair...

31st December 2007

Non-Linearity, Harmonic Generation and Frequency Mixing

A discussion on how non-linear systems produce harmonic and intermodulation distortion.

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30th December 2007

Cellular Automata Applet

A fairly trivial Cellular Automata implementation as a Java Applet.

17th December 2007

MathML Support Added

I add MathML support to this site using ASCIIMathML.