High Voltage

14th December 2014

ACoC 2014: Day 14: De-shocker Wand

An electrostatic discharge wand with neon indicator lamp.

Parent article: Advent Calendar of Circuits 2014.

13th December 2014

ACoC 2014: Day 13: Field Mill

A simple field mill made from PCB material and a small electric motor.

Parent article: Advent Calendar of Circuits 2014.

26th December 2010

Wireless Power Experiments

Experiments in wireless power transfer for a practical application, lead to some interesting side-bar observations on plasma physics, and the cutest little Tesla coil you've ever seen.

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18th December 2010

TRON Backpack

Electroluminescent trimmed backpack inspired by TRON.


7th June 2009

Pancake Geiger Müller Tubes and a new Power Supply

New pancake Geiger Müller tubes and a fairly small power supply for them.


24th May 2009

Soft X-ray Output from a Vacuum Rectifier

Abuse of an old 2X2 vacuum tube with a HT power supply to create a soft x-ray source.


28th December 2008

Switching Boost Converter Power Supply

I try my hand at designing a switchmode power converter for a B+ supply using an Atmel ATtiny13 for the controller.


10th May 2003

Diagram Error

Fred Kennedy noticed the circuit diagram might be wrong.

Parent article: High Voltage Probes.


20th March 2003

Circuit Diagram

Richard Solis asked me to post the circuit diagram.

Parent article: High Voltage Probes.

9th February 2003

Quickie Marx Generator

Built to show ceramic caps are generally OK for Marx service.

Parent article: Marx Generator.

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28th January 2003

Knowing Your Coronatron

Characterizing the testing supply, and some more thoughts towards building "the big one" some day.

Parent article: Marx Generator.

27th January 2003

A Bigger Marx Generator

More new capacitors lead to a multi-Joule device.

Parent article: Marx Generator.


14th January 2003

Choke Charging Experiments

An attempt at a choke charging Marx generator.

Parent article: Marx Generator.

5th January 2003

More Marx Generators

Two new prototypes for the New Year.

Parent article: Marx Generator.


14th December 2002

New Capacitors!

Some eBay wins pay off and my first serious Marx Generator is born.

Parent article: Marx Generator.

8th December 2002

Second Try

The Proof-of-Concept unit gets an extension.

Parent article: Marx Generator.

16th November 2002

Simple Electrometer

An ultra-simple, very sensitive electrometer.

10th November 2002

Electrostatic Motor

My small implementation of Bill Beaty's soda bottle electrostatic motor.

10th November 2002

High Voltage Probes

I've been working with high voltage quite a lot lately, so I decided to make myself some basic test equipment. Starting with a 1000:1 DC probe.

Contains 2 sub-articles.


3rd November 2002

Marx Generator

Marx generator evolution, through many prototypes.

Contains 8 sub-articles.

3rd November 2002

First Proof-of-Concept Unit

The first Marx Generator I built.

Parent article: Marx Generator.

27th October 2002

Van de Graaff Generator

My small, and quite ugly, prototype built using house hold materials.


26th October 2002

Flogging a Flyback

Various fooling around with a old TV flyback transformer.